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Criminal Defense for Sexual Offenses in Erie, PA

Criminal defense for sexual offenses with Carney and Good in Erie, PA.Arrests for sex-related accusations must never be taken lightly, even if you believe there is no merit to the case. In Pennsylvania, a Judge or Jury need only believe the accuser in order to convict you. Consequences for conviction can include lengthy incarceration, fines, mandatory counseling, loss of property, registration as a sex offender and public stigma.

If you were arrested for or are facing an accusation of a sexual nature in Erie, Crawford, Warren, Venango or Mercer Counties, contact Carney & Good to discuss your case. Our attorneys will help you learn what you need to know to protect yourself and your record. Attorney Brian D. Arrowsmith can help you fight for the best possible outcome regarding your case.

Contact Carney & Good in Erie, PA for legal advice about your sexual offense.

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