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In Pennsylvania, a parent has an obligation to pay for the maintenance of his or her child. The duty to support continues until the child is 18 or emancipated, regardless of the relationship between the parents. The highly specialized attorneys of Carney & Good strive to develop agreements among parents in order to make decisions that are in the best interest of the children. In most circumstances, the child's best interests are served when parents work together to reach a child custody and parenting schedule agreement.

When child support matters occur, the court considers the following components when determining a settlement:

  • Number of minor children
  • Income of both parents
  • Medical needs of the child including medical insurance coverage
  • Educational needs
  • Child care costs

The Law Offices of Carney & Good handle a variety of family law issues. Our licensed attorneys have years of experience and quality insight into the Erie county local court system in order to give premium advice during difficult situations. Attorneys of Carney & Good proudly offer child support legal services to residents of Erie, PA and the surrounding areas.

Don't struggle with child support, contact Carney & Good in Erie, PA!

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